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Tibetan Sea Flower (藏海花/Zang Hai Hua) is the first sequel following the main novel series Daomu Biji.


Wu Xie’s quiet life of the past five years was interrupted by Jin Wantang’s sudden visit. Jin Wantang unexpectedly knew that the scorpion pattern on the moonstone Wu Xie brought out of the Zhang family’s ancient building was related to Poker-Face’s childhood. In search of clues, Wu Xie went to Nepal and then to Motuo, Tibet, where all kinds of clues related to Poker-Face came one after the other!

As soon as things got out of hand, Wu Xie got Poker-Face’s notes from the lamas at the Jila Temple, and knew the cause and effect of Poker-Face entering the snow-capped mountains that year.

To Wu Xie’s shock, he saw “the limit of the world” in another note—there was another bronze door in the hinterland of the vast snow-capped mountains!

All kinds of people had gathered at the Jila Temple. Was it a coincidence, or deliberately arranged? What did the mysterious scorpion mean? What on earth was “the limit of the world”? Why was Wu Xie the only one who could save the Zhang family? Were the Zhang family members from Hong Kong credible? Were they plotting evil, or accomplishing their mission?

This is a brand-new journey. Wu Xie and Fatty follow Poker-Face’s steps to enter the hinterland of the snow-capped mountains. This time, can Wu Xie solve all the mysteries? (source: merebear's translations)