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Zhang Haike (张海客) is a character in the novel Tibetan Sea Flower (Zang Hai Hua). His branch of the Zhang family is from Hong Kong.[1][2] He was a childhood friend of Zhang Qiling.

Personality & Skills[]

Zhang Haike could act slyly if it meant he could reach his goal.[3] For instance, he was nice to Wu Xie because he knew the other was important to his mission.[3] He is also determined and as long as he persisted he would get what he wanted.[4] However, he met his match when he tried to get Qiling to talk.[4] Wu Xie believes Haike is like Wang Pangzi as both are good at finding contradictions.[5]

He has clever ideas, reads a lot of books and is a skilled grave robber.[6] He understands Feng Shui well.[6]

He understood that the main branch of the family depended on the support of the branch families.[4] He hated the family system and the main branch's rules and restrictions.[4] It is the reason he had an aversion to those from the main branch.[4] He was happy that his branch of the family was more free.[4]


In 2010, Zhang Haike looked exactly like Wu Xie by the use of a face mask.[7] Later, he seemed to give up on looking identical so the two looked similar but only enough to look like brothers.[2] However, Haike looked younger than Wu Xie.[2]

He has a tattoo on his neck that only appears when his skin is warm. It is a translated Sanskrit poem that says: "Wutong trees and midnight rain. They know not the grief right now at parting. Leaf by leaf, sound by sound, they drop on empty stairs until the morn."[8]



Although, Zhang Haike only belonged to a branch of the main family he occasionally went to the main branch's mansion.[4] When he went there for the New Year's greeting, none of the other children were willing to play with him since he wasn't from the main branch.[4] He saw another child there who also didn't get along with the other children.[4] That child was Zhang Qiling who was only two years old at the time.[4] Qiling didn't talk or play with the other children and was not liked by others in the family.[4] This made Haike feel like he had found a kindred spirit.[4]

On another visit to the mansion, Haike got the courage to ask the Qiling why he wasn't playing with the other children.[4] Qiling looked at him, shook his head, and said nothing.[4] The two didn't meet again until Haike was fifteen and Qiling was thirteen years old.[4] Normally, the Zhang family let fifteen-year-olds search for tombs and build up their reputation.[4] All the Zhang children usually worked together, however, Qiling worked alone.[4] Zhang Haike was worried for him especially since the other was smaller and seemed weaker.[4] Zhang Haike felt that Qiling was definitely going to run into trouble, so he chose to part from his friends and protect him.[4] He considered this one of the best decision of his life.[4]

The two of them traversed China looking for tombs with no luck.[9] They came across three other Zhang children who were in the same situation as they were.[9] Many of them were worried because if they didn’t return before the end of the year, they would not only lose face, but also fail the test and bring shame to their parents.[9] The five of them decided to rob a heavily guarded tomb in Ma'an Village.[9] The tomb didn't abide by normal Feng Shui principles and though it was very dangerous the children wouldn't give up.[5] Inside the tomb were the corpses of many Zhang family members who had been killed by others in the same family.[10] They were presumably killed due to the infighting in the early Republican Era.[10] The other children found out that Qiling had actually led them there because he needed help to get something from deep within the tomb.[10] Qiling warned them not to follow him further into the tomb but they did anyway.[10] They became separated from him and fell into a trap with leeches that burrowed into their skin.[11] They needed Qiling's blood in order to get rid of them.[12] Zhang Haike never elaborated on how Qiling saved all of them.[13]


Zhang Haike was impersonating Wu Xie to check whether the other was the real Wu Xie.[14] He needed Wu Xie to help him save the Zhang Family by bringing something the patriarch had left in Changbai Mountain.[14][15] Zhang Haike offered his sister, Zhang Haixing, to go with him into the mountain to which Wu Xie agreed but stipulated that he wanted to bring one of his own people, Wang Pangzi.[16] Zhang Haixing then left to get Pangzi but was deceived and brought back a Tibetan man.[16] She "translated" the man's words and told his story to Wu Xie and Zhang Haike.[16] The Tibetan man turned out to be Pangzi in a disguise and he set off a trap which caused everyone to scramble.[16] After everything settled down, a group of foreigners entered the room and told Wu Xie and Pangzi to leave.[3] Zhang Haike assured Wu Xie they could handle them.[3]

They set up another test for Wu Xie to see if he was immune to the bronze bells.[17] Though Zhang Haixing later claimed this was a ruse to figure out the potential of his blood. Zhang Haixing, Pangzi, Feng, and Wu Xie set off to Changbai Mountain. While there, Zhang Haixing claimed that she was not actually a Zhang and that Wu Xie was wrong for thinking that "the Zhang family’s mysterious faction would cooperate with [him]."[18] This novel remains unfinished and the true nature of Zhang Haixing has not been clarified.

After 2015[]

Despite what Zhang Haixing said about that faction of the Zhang family, Zhang Haike was with Wu Xie at a coffee shop in Hangzhou.[2] The two of them were discussing the Zhang family affairs. Zhang Haike seemed preoccupied with something else and Wu Xie thought he was in love.[2]